I’m a Senior Programmer with 12+ years of web development experience and 3 years of management/team leads experience looking for a senior programming, software architect and/or management position. My expertise is in Open Source technologies and full life-cycle software development. I am looking for a solid company with top-notch management. I’m self taught, motivated and a hard worker. I would be a valuable asset to any company. I adapt to most situations when out of my element. I work both well independently and in groups.

Work Experience

Directory of Email  Technology;  ModernAd Media, LLC.  Boca Raton, FL

03/2009 – Present

Manage and maintain email brands across multiple servers.

Chief Technology Officer;  Pure Ads, LLC.  Boca Raton, FL

06/2007 – 04/2008

As CTO of the company, my responsibilities cover a wide range of areas.

I manage a small team of PHP developers for the various in-house projects and tasks we’re assigned. I architect all of the major requests, and assign them to the team to work on. When the schedule gets tight, or when we’re low on resources, I program as well. I also do code review and quality assurance testing on most assignments, and manage the release schedule for all the code.

I gather the requirements from the business and side and convert them to technical specifications for my team to work on. I manage the project in terms of resource allocation and timeframes. We can have over 8 projects in the queue at any given time, plus any additional assignments we may get from other departments.

My other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, reviewing and analyzing new technologies and client proposals for the company, conduct in-depth interviews of technology hires to assess their technical skills, knowledge of concepts and personality to determine if they are a proper fit for the company, and server administration. I am also responsible for the management and operation of the Windows and Linux servers. I share the Windows responsibilities with two other employees, but solely manage all the Linux servers. I also deal with various vendors and clients on a weekly basis.

At the end of the week, I report to senior management and various departments detailing the status of current projects and remaining time frames. I detail what was accomplished, what obstacles were faced and how we resolved them.

Senior Lamp Developer; WorldAvenue / Niutech, LLC.  Boca Raton, FL

02/2005 – 06/2007

I was team lead for a small group of developers responsible for the data integrity and upkeep of the company’s primary reporting system. Duties include code review, guidance to developers, delegation of tasks and projects using SCRUM, and on call support for reporting system.

I also provide knowledge support of the system for other developers outside of my team, as well as helping in the architecture of some aspects of the systems. The company has high volume traffic across multiple web sites using Open-Source Software.

Consultant Work;  Self Employed  Lake Worth, FL

11/2003 – 02/2005

Worked for various clients developing their websites using Open-Source Software (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl). Items include designing website, creating interactive software such as weblogs, events calendar, linking tool, business directory, real estate listings, personal ad sites and more. Experience with various APIs include Paypal, Google Adwords.

Web Interface Developer;  Netomat, Inc,  New York, NY

06/2002 – 11/2003

Responsible for knowing the ins-and-outs of the nml (netomatic markup language) and maintaining the manual for the language. Created numerous working prototypes demonstrating the capabilities of the product, often reaching the limits of the product, including merging PHP and the netomat player (frontend) to extend the product beyond what was previous conceived.

Assisted in the development and functionality of their netomat product, a form of social software, that allowed many people to interact with and manipulate a user’s created experience, and the ability to share these changes. I also assisted in the testing of the various products, and wrote a large part of the documentation for the nml language.

I provided HTML, Javascript and JSP support to the Java developers for the application server used for the netomat server product. Performed comparative research analyst of other products on the market that performed in a similar manner to the netomat product.

Responsible for the production and maintenance for the company website. I managed the content in XML, used XSLT to produce static HTML. Dynamic content of the site was written in PHP and used a MySQL database. Optimized graphics when necessary. I was also involved in the direction of the company’s corporate website and product support site.

Linux Instructor;  Netcom Information Technology,  Long Island City, NY

02/2001 – 11/2002

I taught a 128-hour certification course for preparation of the Sair GNU/Linux exams that included additional advance topics such as Perl programming for administration, Samba File Sharing, Dual-boot systems, and open-source software for websites. I also taught a 4-hr introduction to Linux class for the school.s .Network Professional. classes.

Webmaster;, Inc.  New York, NY

12/1999 – 10/2001

Responsible for the daily operation and uptime of the company.s website. I administrated a small set of development and production servers, including backup, configuration, installation, and updating of the various software pieces that ran on the machines. I created and maintained the HTML templates, the majority of JavaScript, and a good portion of the Perl used on the site. I was also responsible for optimization of content graphics.

I was involved in the direction of architectural layout of the website, architected software design and provided documentation. Created weekly traffic reports from web logs using WebTrends and custom software Performed full life-cycle development of Perl/CGI applications for both the website and office use. I was responsible for the new shopping cart software and back-office order tracking component.

I also built an in-house website creation tool for the building of client websites. The tool consisted of: storing site data in XML format into a MySQL database, XSLT transformation of image templates from SVG parsed into the image components of the site using ImageMagick to produce jpg or gif and passing variables to the XML for color selections. Sablotron XSLT parser was used for the transformations.

Interim DBA, managing and updating the MySQL database, as well as periodic maintenance and software updates. Interim in-house tech-support was another hat I wore at the company, configured and maintained the office file sharing machine, using Linux and Samba and DHCP for the network of 20 computers. Performed maintenance, backup, and software & driver installation to all machines.

Web Application Support; IBM (Corporate Internet Programs)  New York, NY

08/1998 – 12/1999

Provided daily support for webmaster. I coded in HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and did some programming in Perl. I also did a fair amount of graphic optimization, preparing images for the web.

I worked on some high profile projects for the company. I worked on the Investor Earnings Presentations for the 1999 Fiscal year, all four quarters preparing all the slides for a web presentation with the investors. Integrated streaming media components to the presentation and created PDFs. I worked on IBM.s version 9 redesign where I created the HTML templates and Javascript, which were delivered company wide. I also provided technical expertise in the development of the design. I also worked on’s Site Guidelines, which I update and maintained content, as well as provided some technical information and guidelines for the technical portions of the site.

Quality Assurance;  Barnes And,   New York, NY

10/1997 – 06/1998

Part of a team of testers who performed daily quality checks of content in cyclical publishing phases. I also performed scripted testing procedures of various parts of the website to ensure compatibility with the current browsers, and to report these errors to production.

Companies I have done consulted with in the past:

Websites I have worked on include: