The original version of Benny Mardones’ “Into The Night”

For those of you who don’t know, there are actually two versions of Benny Mardones’ song “Into The Night”. The version we normally hear on the radio is the second version that came out on his self-titled album around 1986. In the early 80s, he came out with the original, and for your viewing pleasure, here it is for you:

Now for those of you who are saying “but wait, who the heck is Benny Mardones,” you must have been living under a rock for so many years, and I have pity for you. =)

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46 yr old Man arrested 190 times! What’s wrong with the system.

An article at has a write up about a 46 yr old man, who was recently arrested for carjacking in Boca Raton, FL. He lives in West Palm Beach and has a taste for the Boca lifestyle. His life of crime started at an early age, where is first arrest came at the age of 20. He has been arrested in 12 Florida counties. Sandra Boonenberg, a spokesperson for the Police Department has been quoted as saying “Pretty much everyone who works the road has dealt with him before. He’s one of our regulars.”

I need a minute to grasp this. This guy has been arrested 190 times. The man has achieved triple digit status. He’s on his way to making 200 if he keeps this up. If he was first arrest at age 20, and he’s now 46, and he’s accumulated 190 arrests, that puts him at about 7.3 arrests per year. How short are his jail times to even allow him the time to be arrested 7.3 times per year? That’s insane.

Ricardo Montalban dies at 88

I have sad news for you all. Your favorite “Fantasy Island” host, and greatest villian in the Star Trek universe has passed away at the age of 88 in his home in Los Angeles, California.

He was best known for his roles in Fantasy Island and the Star Trek series, among many of roles.

Montalb√°n established the Nosotros Foundation, which attempted to highlight and recognize Latino participation in the arts and entertainment. In 1970, the foundation created the Golden Eagle Awards, an annual awards show that recognizes Latino stars.

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Santa’s Christmas Message

Ok, not really, but I came across this from the huffington report. It’s just one of those random and funny clips that you wouldn’t expect to see. Worth a watch. The funniest thing about this clip, is some random kid making sounds in the background.