Rihanna and T.I. make a major boo-boo… I mean Numa boo-boo

This morning I was in the kitchen and had the radio on, and heard this song come on. The chorus of the song was the Numa Numa Dance chorus. I was like “WTF???”. It had a little more techno feel to it. Then the song continued with more of it, and just thought, “seriously… the numa song?!!?”. The song is a hip-hop song. Oh boy. At the end of the song I’m asking myself, who the hell is this, they must be retarded for using that numa hook…. It’s Rihanna and T.I.

People. If you’re going to do a song, don’t grab a song from the internet! Sheesh, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Next, I bet Rihanna and T.I. are going to make song using part of Chocolate Rain. “Yo I move away from the mic so I can breath.” People, stop the insanity, don’t make crappy songs! You are destorying what we have left of the music quality. I don’t care what you do with the words, it sucks!

P. Diddy flying commercial because fuel prices too high

I came across this article on fool.com that starts off with P. Diddy flying commercial because the fuel for his jet is getting too expensive.

“[R]ight now, can you believe it, I am actually flying commercial,” he explained. “That’s how high gas prices are, OK? So I feel you.” Then came the solution, as Combs pleaded, “I want to give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters and all my brothers and sisters from all the countries that have oil, if you could all please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it.”

Yep, that’s what he said. I wonder how much money he has in the bank. Anyways, the article goes on to talk about it’s not so much about the price of oil, but more about our spending habits, and how we look to buy material things. This country is probably the biggest consumer of products in the world. The problem is, we’re greedy for things. Big houses, big cars, big everything. “I have a friend who has a 42 inch tv, now I want the 46 inch tv.” I think we’re all guilty of this, including myself. When I go to someone’s house and see an HDTV I usually ask what size is it, and does it do 1080P. Yeah, it’s pretty bad, but it’s so ingrained in our society it’s ridiculous. Foruntely I still drive a crappy car so I don’t have a monthly payment touring the town.

Ok, that’s all I wanted to rant about. Save that money!

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Kimbo Slice is going Hollywood with Kids Film! Say What?

I just came across this news article about Kimbo Slice getting a film deal for a kids movie… What??? Wait, isn’t this the same Kimbo Slice that we know from all the street brawls that are available from YouTube. Isn’t this the same Kimbo Slice that you see a number of porn videos online from the company World Net Media. Umm yeah. Soooo, ummm, yeah, he’s the perfect candidate to make into a cartoon.

The details are of the deal are that Kimbo will be starring in a kids movie, shot in 3_D, about a group of misfit kids who are sent to a martial arts school to learn self-defense. The movie also stars Hulk Hogan. The movie will be called “Kung Fu U”. I wonder if they will have a School Bus in the movie driving by “Dirty Sanchez”.

I think I need to create a WTF category for this blog. This one goes right next to the John Oates entry.


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