And here is the reason why I don’t give money to Kanye

Can’t even let the girl enjoy her moment. Wow, couldn’t you have just said it on your blog and be done with it? I feel bad for Beyonce too because you definitely put her on the spot.

The most childish antics I’ve seen from a performer in some time. The last time I saw that was when Kanye West said… oh wait, that was you too. Well the other time was when Kanye… wait, that was you as well. Shit dude, calm the frak down, buy a Taylor Swift album, rock out to it all night, and cry yourself asleep, then in the morning, make a video to Taylor saying how much you’re sorry for being a douche bag.

46 yr old Man arrested 190 times! What’s wrong with the system.

An article at has a write up about a 46 yr old man, who was recently arrested for carjacking in Boca Raton, FL. He lives in West Palm Beach and has a taste for the Boca lifestyle. His life of crime started at an early age, where is first arrest came at the age of 20. He has been arrested in 12 Florida counties. Sandra Boonenberg, a spokesperson for the Police Department has been quoted as saying “Pretty much everyone who works the road has dealt with him before. He’s one of our regulars.”

I need a minute to grasp this. This guy has been arrested 190 times. The man has achieved triple digit status. He’s on his way to making 200 if he keeps this up. If he was first arrest at age 20, and he’s now 46, and he’s accumulated 190 arrests, that puts him at about 7.3 arrests per year. How short are his jail times to even allow him the time to be arrested 7.3 times per year? That’s insane.

Santa’s Christmas Message

Ok, not really, but I came across this from the huffington report. It’s just one of those random and funny clips that you wouldn’t expect to see. Worth a watch. The funniest thing about this clip, is some random kid making sounds in the background.

Barry Manilow Rick-Rolling America! Wait, what?

Barry Manilow, you know, singer and song writer extraordinaire, is releasing a new album on November 24th called “Greatest Songs of the Eighties”. Yep, he is… Why? I don’t know… so, umm… yeah.

Here is the track list for the new album:

  • “Islands in the Stream” duet with Reba McEntire 
  • “Open Arms” 
  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” 
  • “Have I Told You Lately” 
  • “I Just Called to Say I Love You” 
  • “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” 
  • “Careless Whisper” 
  • “Right Here Waiting” 
  • “Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do)” 
  • “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” 
  • “Time After Time” 
  • “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”
So how did I come across this gem of information? Well, I usually get useless knowledge through out the day, and I saw a video link on that said “the new rick roll?”. “A new Rick Roll?” I thought, “interesting”, then I saw the description “Barry Manilow does Never Gonna Give You Up.” I clicked on it and Mani-rolled myself. Take a look, it’s pretty funny. Note the heavy use of makeup on Barry.


(SNL) Saturday Night Live: What happened last night?

I watched SNL last night, hosted by Paul Rudd, with Beyonce performing, and I found the show to just not be funny for most of the show. What happened? The first three skits were just crass, and were more uncomfortable and tasteless than funny. It felt like they were going in a comedic direction of some of the newer comedies and it failed.

Beyonce’s first performance was really good, and I probably would have enjoyed it more, but I was still numb from the skits.

The only thing that was funny was Justin Timberlake on weekend update. Now, I really like the Weekend Update segment. It is pretty much the only segment on SNL that packs so many laughs into a short period of time. Seth Meyer’s performance last night felt blah. The redoing of the joke of guy robbing a store with no arms was just below their usual quality. The fourth run of the joke “he was unarmed”, was delivered at a time of “yeah thanks, but the joke was over by the second version of it.”.

Seriously, was Lorne Michael’s sleeping, on vacation, locked up in his office? What happened. My girlfriend asked me the turn off the TV after she had enough, and you know what, I agreed. I hope next week will be better. I hope they can do some better stuff now that the elections are over.

Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling…. WHAT???

You know when you channel surf looking for something different and come across something with a weird or different title? Well that has happened to me tonight. Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling

Hulk Hogan has taken 10 celebrities, that include Frank Stallone (Sly’s brother), Dennis Rodman, Danny Bonaduce, Butterbean, Tiffany (the singer from the 80s), Screech, Tabitha from the original Bewitched and others, and will teach them to wrestle. Assisting Hogan will be Jimmy Hart “The Mouth of the South”, Erik Bishoff, Brutus Beefcake and Brian Knobs.

Man, this is like one of those sick dreams that you get from watching too much tv and think “well what about this for a tv show”, then you quickly dismiss it because it’s bad, then it happens. Just plain craziness.

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