I’ve installed WordPress

I finally decided to go with WordPress for now on my site. I just want to have the blog up and running now, rather than later with a custom solution.

I’ll definitely hack up the design shortly. I’ve got enough experience from working on christianlivingministry.com to hack up the templates to make the site no longer look like a wordpress site.

Wow an update

Wow, an update in 8 month! And on April’s Fools Day! Yes boys and girls, I’m writing an update. For some reason last night, I could not go back to sleep at around 3:15am. O
f course, as I felt like I was getting closer to sleep, my neighbors sprinkler system turned on at 4:00am, which I could feel from my bed. I tried the earplugs, but I was still restless and at around 4:15am, I got up.

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