WordPress Tip: Using the More Link

I was noticing in the wordpress admin, that you can add a more link. This more link is very useful. Have you ever been to a website an noticed that each blog posting just runs on and on? Well some of the postings on my own site have been very long, and I don’t really like that. I want them to be more of an intro text on the homepage, with a link to read more. Here’s an example.

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WordPress releases version 2.6

WordPress released their latest version of their blogging software on July 15th. I hope to have some time to try out the new version andd examine the way it uses resources. I’m hoping to see some improvement from it.

In the process of my initial research, I came across one possible solution to the handling resources better. It’s called WordPress Light, that replaces the front end portion of the software, but limits your capabilities a bit.

Ultimately, I would like to have a blogging software that would run very efficiently on a VPS. WordPress is working fine for now, but I’m concerned as traffick builds up.

Why Flash is bad at times.

I’m on the canon website, checking out a single point of information. A friend of mine purchased the Canon EOS 10D (lucky bastard), and I wanted to know the time between the click of the photo button to take the picture, and the time of the photo capture. My experience with a non-SLR camera has been about 1-3 secs. That’s all I wanted to know. Well after going through the country selection, and some simple product selects, I see the product, and click on it… I’m taking to a flash site.

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