And here is the reason why I don’t give money to Kanye

Can’t even let the girl enjoy her moment. Wow, couldn’t you have just said it on your blog and be done with it? I feel bad for Beyonce too because you definitely put her on the spot.

The most childish antics I’ve seen from a performer in some time. The last time I saw that was when Kanye West said… oh wait, that was you too. Well the other time was when Kanye… wait, that was you as well. Shit dude, calm the frak down, buy a Taylor Swift album, rock out to it all night, and cry yourself asleep, then in the morning, make a video to Taylor saying how much you’re sorry for being a douche bag.

The original version of Benny Mardones’ “Into The Night”

For those of you who don’t know, there are actually two versions of Benny Mardones’ song “Into The Night”. The version we normally hear on the radio is the second version that came out on his self-titled album around 1986. In the early 80s, he came out with the original, and for your viewing pleasure, here it is for you:

Now for those of you who are saying “but wait, who the heck is Benny Mardones,” you must have been living under a rock for so many years, and I have pity for you. =)

For more information about Benny Mardones, check out the following:

EMI Pulls YouTube Videos that compare Coldplay with Joe Satriani

Looks like there is some more development to the Satriani vs Coldplay. EMI, the record label for Coldplay, has contacted YouTube to remove any of the videos comparing Satriani and Coldplay’s songs. This is an interesting move, because the other Coldplay songs that are online that do not compare songs are still available on YouTube. Looks like EMI is playing damage control.

Viva La Litigation. Satriani sues Coldplay over riff

Back on Oct 31, I wrote up a post when I found some videos that show a comparison between ColdPlay’s “Viva La Vida”, and Creakyboard’s “The Songs I didn’t Write”. I also included another set of videos that has a comparison of Joe Satriani’s “If I Could Fly”, a nicely done instrumental song, and ColdPlay’s song. Here’s the kicker, Satriani is now suing ColdPlay over the riff used.

For those who missed out on the first posting of this, here is the video again:

Comparison of “Viva La Vida” and “If I Could Fly”

If you listen to it, you can definitely hear the similarities, to the point that makes you say “hey, that’s the same”.

This reminds me of the time when Vanilla Ice took a riff from Queen and said “oh it’s not the same, there’s goes like this *insert_Queen’s_under_pressure* and mine’s goes like this *insert_Ice_Ice_Baby*. The difference, one beat. Yep, one beat, and Vanilla Ice lost. Yep, he lost. The first in a series, but I’m getting off topic now.

Now I wonder if Creaky Boards will follow suit with a law suit because of their song, the structure is nearly identical in many ways.

I wonder what the name of the case will be between Satriani and ColdPlay, “The Riffs I Didn’t Write”?

Did ColdPlay rip off other artists to make “Viva La Vida”

I came across this article at Jamsbio about how Viva La Vida looks like they ripped their song from Creaky Boards song “The songs I didn’t write”.

They are similar in so many ways.

  • The structure of the signing
  • The choice of instruments
  • The melodies.

Here’s the kicker, the Creaky Boards song was released the year before.
Comparison of “Viva La Vida” and “The Songs I Didn’t Write”

Now I found some videos on youtube that show the similarities between the two songs, but then I stumbled on some more videos where the riff sounds like someone else’s song. Omgosh! Joe Satriani wrote a song called “If I could fly”

Comparison of “Viva La Vida” and “If I Could Fly”

No matter what, I love “Viva La Vida”, and I’m really digging the other songs too. I say, mash them all up!!! I dare someone to do it. Cmon, somebody. If you don’t I will =)

Rihanna and T.I. make a major boo-boo… I mean Numa boo-boo

This morning I was in the kitchen and had the radio on, and heard this song come on. The chorus of the song was the Numa Numa Dance chorus. I was like “WTF???”. It had a little more techno feel to it. Then the song continued with more of it, and just thought, “seriously… the numa song?!!?”. The song is a hip-hop song. Oh boy. At the end of the song I’m asking myself, who the hell is this, they must be retarded for using that numa hook…. It’s Rihanna and T.I.

People. If you’re going to do a song, don’t grab a song from the internet! Sheesh, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Next, I bet Rihanna and T.I. are going to make song using part of Chocolate Rain. “Yo I move away from the mic so I can breath.” People, stop the insanity, don’t make crappy songs! You are destorying what we have left of the music quality. I don’t care what you do with the words, it sucks!

John Oates from Hall & Oates to get his own cartoon!

Oh man, gotta love morning radio for bringing this to my attention. John Oates from Hall & Oates fame will get his own cartoon! From the billboard article, “Oates is portrayed as a modern-day family man and finds himself enticed back to the rock star life by his mustache, which is voiced by comedian Dave Attell”. The show is currently titled as “J-stache”. This is great! Hahaha.