Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

This movie was by far the worst out of all the Harry Potter movies. It was still a decent movie, somewhat enjoyable to watch, but here are the problems I had with it.

  • Critical events in the movie felt rushed. Reminded me of the last episode of Star Gate Atlantis where what seemed like a major event, that should have unfolded before you with some screen time, was just summed it with “ok it’s done”.
  • There was no explanation of the “Half Blood Prince”. You’re wondering during the movie who is it, is it Harry Potter? You find out it’s one of the teachers, but there’s no background as to what the term means.
  • There is no reference to Harry’s previous girlfriend from the last movie, what so ever.
  • A number of critical elements from the book are left out.

Overall, it’s still an ok movie to watch, but not knowing what happened in the book, you still feel cheated in some way.

Now I have to get the books.