(SNL) Saturday Night Live: What happened last night?

I watched SNL last night, hosted by Paul Rudd, with Beyonce performing, and I found the show to just not be funny for most of the show. What happened? The first three skits were just crass, and were more uncomfortable and tasteless than funny. It felt like they were going in a comedic direction of some of the newer comedies and it failed.

Beyonce’s first performance was really good, and I probably would have enjoyed it more, but I was still numb from the skits.

The only thing that was funny was Justin Timberlake on weekend update. Now, I really like the Weekend Update segment. It is pretty much the only segment on SNL that packs so many laughs into a short period of time. Seth Meyer’s performance last night felt blah. The redoing of the joke of guy robbing a store with no arms was just below their usual quality. The fourth run of the joke “he was unarmed”, was delivered at a time of “yeah thanks, but the joke was over by the second version of it.”.

Seriously, was Lorne Michael’s sleeping, on vacation, locked up in his office? What happened. My girlfriend asked me the turn off the TV after she had enough, and you know what, I agreed. I hope next week will be better. I hope they can do some better stuff now that the elections are over.