My Election Experience Update

It’s Monday and the election is tomorrow. I still need to review all the amendments on the ballot and the candidates for the other races. I’m finding that getting information on amendments is a little tricky and requires some more digging.

I wanted to note that in terms of McCain and Obama representatives that solicit for your vote, I’ve gotten the following results:


  • 1 person who has come up to me personally asking for my support of Obama. This was an Obama volunteer.
  • 1 door hanger left on my door.
  • 4 phone calls for Obama, one from George Lopez.
  • No emails.


  • No one has come to my house. No one has called. No emails about it.

Palin for 2012:

  • No one has come to my house. No one has called. No emails about it. She may be waiting for after Tuesday to start.

FYI, I registered independent. I did the true maverick move. Here’s why. I’m not too crazy about either party, but I tend to lean more towards the Democratic side. I tend to find Republicans cater more towards corporate greed and Democratics don’t have enough of a push to get things done at times. I prefer the avenue of “the best person for the job, no party bias”.

Getting this many Obama responses from the campaign, especially for my neighbor is not all that surprising. I live in a highly populated minority area, that’s low to middle class. The more surprising part is that lack of McCain representation. I’m not seeing it… at all.