Did ColdPlay rip off other artists to make “Viva La Vida”

I came across this article at Jamsbio about how Viva La Vida looks like they ripped their song from Creaky Boards song “The songs I didn’t write”.

They are similar in so many ways.

  • The structure of the signing
  • The choice of instruments
  • The melodies.

Here’s the kicker, the Creaky Boards song was released the year before.
Comparison of “Viva La Vida” and “The Songs I Didn’t Write”

Now I found some videos on youtube that show the similarities between the two songs, but then I stumbled on some more videos where the riff sounds like someone else’s song. Omgosh! Joe Satriani wrote a song called “If I could fly”

Comparison of “Viva La Vida” and “If I Could Fly”

No matter what, I love “Viva La Vida”, and I’m really digging the other songs too. I say, mash them all up!!! I dare someone to do it. Cmon, somebody. If you don’t I will =)