New Windows O/S coming out, it will be called…. Windows 7

Ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft is releasing a new version of their operating system. A follow up to Vista. It’ll slice, it’ll dice, it’ll…. okay, maybe not all that, but it will be called… Windows 7! That’s right, it’s called Windows 7. Not Windows XP Senior, not Windows Viva la Vista, not Windows 2012; simply Windows 7. Microsoft decided to drop the special names and date name scheme because they felt it just didn’t work anymore, and I agree. As noted in the article, the date naming didn’t match the release time, similar to Madden games being dated 1 year ahead, based on stats 1 year behind; bad EA. And they also said they didn’t want to come up with the “aspirational” name either. I agree with this move as well. It’s easier for people to deal with just a number associated to a software. It’s bad enough you have multiple versions of the OS that don’t really stand out that well at the end of the name like Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Home Ultimate, Vista Business, Vista yada yada. It’s just frustrating. A number tells the story better and in fewer words, “You need this version of better”.

The new OS will improve upon Vista, and will be available to devs in beta version soon. Honestly, I think Microsoft needs to slow down on all these releases. I’ve been using Vista for just about 18 months. These turn around cycles don’t allow for sufficient time to work out the kinks properly and to include the features that people want if you don’t allow for proper feedback. Vista has probably one of the worst releases of any Microsoft OS due to the number of issues with stability and support at launch time. Most of the issues have been resolved, but I still have some issues with my OS running a 64 bit platform. Stabilize the OS before you go off and work on something new, because if you haven’t fixed your current OS by the time you work on the new one, aren’t you carrying over the issues and bugs I’m experiencing?

I’m sure the motiviation for this is money, and to help push the transition to the new platform for all the businesses who said no to Vista. Look, if you get it working better, you will see the move.

Blah, I’m done on this topic. Time to go back to my command line interface on linux.