PuTTy and WinTabber unite! WinTabber now comes with Putty built in.

I noticed recently that my version of WinTabber, version 0.232 was no longer the current version. I decided to download the new version that was available, and what a surprise. Putty now comes with WinTabber.

This is great. I’m using putty and wintabber daily to work on and manage a number of linux machines. It makes organizing all these windows efficient, and I don’t have to spend the money on

Some other new features to note:

  • Tab placement: allows you to position the tabs to either the Top, left side, right side or bottom.
  • Tab appearances: give you the option to style your tabs, either as a flat look, visio style, excel style and more.
  • Color coding the tabs for easy identification.
  • Will read your old putty profiles for easier access.
  • large icon support.

Download the newest version here.