WordPress Tip: Using the More Link

I was noticing in the wordpress admin, that you can add a more link. This more link is very useful. Have you ever been to a website an noticed that each blog posting just runs on and on? Well some of the postings on my own site have been very long, and I don’t really like that. I want them to be more of an intro text on the homepage, with a link to read more. Here’s an example.

So I noticed the more link and was wondering what it did. I created a test post, clicked the link, and it visual adds this line bar with a more link. I published the blog, went to the homepage and noticed, anything above the more link is shown, anything below it is not. Cool. Definitely a good feature to have. It allows your user to scan the entries when they view them on the homepage and when they view by category, then they can read the entire posting when they click more.

I’m happy.