Check out this interview, then play it again

I want you to look at this interview of a woman who talks about this new software from ImageMetrics, that makes computer generated graphics of characters look real. I’m serious check out the video. Remember, watch it twice.

At first, you think, well that wasn’t much of an interview, she really didn’t give a good overview of anything, and was a little annoying. Well, that’s why I asked you to play it a second time. Maybe you caught the tag line that said “She’s not real”.

Again, “She’s not real”. That entire video is a computer generated character. No, you can get her phone number, because she doesn’t have a cell number, because she doesn’t have a credit card or a credit score, because she is NOT REAL. It’s pretty damn amazing.

Now, if you have a keen eye, and watch it a 2nd time, you notice slight imperfections around the eyes. Something about them seem slightly odd.

Now keep in mind that the animation is based on an real actor’s performance, and that data is what drives the generated character. Her movement is great, which is based on the actor which would explain that.

Check out the company website for more information:

Btw, if you dig into the website, you will see links to other examples of their work. They did work on a Gnarls Barkley video. I’ve seen the video, and was highly impressed by it. Scroll down the page to see the link for the video.