Firefox Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips that are useful for those just starting out with firefox.

Zoom In and Out on a webpage

Do you find the text on a webpage too small or too big? You can use these keyboard shortcuts to change that.

To Zoom In, Hold the Ctrl key and press +

To Zoom Out, Hold the Ctrl key and press -

Bookmark a page

Are you on a page that you would like to bookmark for future use? By holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the letter d, you will get a prompt to save the page as a bookmark.

In firefox 3, you can use your mouse to bookmark a webpage with a single click. In the url bar of the browser, you will see a start to on the right side. Clicking on it, will bookmark your page.

Using Tabs

Tabs are a great feature to firefox. They allow you to have many pages open at the same time, can you can easily navigate them, without cluttering up your screen. Here are some tips for using them.

Open a new empty tab:  Hold the Ctrl key and press T

Open a link in a new tab: Middle click on a link. If you can’t middle click with your mouse, right click the link, and select “Open Link in New Tab”.

Close a tab: Hold the Ctrl key and press W

Reopen a closed tab: Hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and press T. You can do this multiple times if you have closed other tabs. It will reopen tabs in the order of most recently closed to last closed.

Switch tab to the right: Hold the Ctrl key and press Tab

Switch tab to the left: Hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and press Tab

View firefox in fullscreen mode

Have you ever wanted firefox to take up the fullscreen, and show more of the webpage, and less of the menu bar and other items? By pressing the F11 key, you can!. If you ever want to get out of fullscreen mode, press the F11 key again. It works great on websites with large designs that take up most of your screen, and it’s useful for other sites like photo gallery and even google maps.

View your download list

Did you ever download something but wasn’t sure where it was at? If you downloaded with firefox, you can look at your download history and you will probably find it there. Hold down the Ctrl key and press J and this will open up the download history list. You have some options from there that will be of help. If you right click on an item, you will see a list of options:

The options include

  • “Open” that will open the file you downloaded.
  • “Open Containing Folder” will open the folder on your computer, where the file was saved to.
  • “Go to Download Page” will take you to the webpage where you downloaded the file from. This is great if you ever wondered where you got a file from.
  • “Copy Download Link” will copy the link into memory. You can now paste it into the Location bar in your web browser, send the link to a someone you know by Instant Message or by Email, or what ever else you want to do. Just remember to Hold down the Ctrl key and press V, this will paste the link to where you want to put it at.

Other Shortcuts

Scroll down the page: You can press the “Space Bar” or press the “Page Down” key to do this.

Scroll down the page: Hold down the “Shift” key and press the “Space Bar” or press the “Page Up” key.

Refresh the page: Hold the Ctrl and and press R.

Go back one page from your history: Hold the Alt key and press the “left arrow”

Go forward one page from your history: Hold the Alt key and press the “right arrow”. This only works if you have went back in your page history.

I will add more useful tips in the coming weeks.