Politics is amazing. Clinton aide sounds like a cry baby.

I just came across this news article through news.google.com titled “Edwards’ Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination”. The article talks about what one of Clinton’s aides feels was a deciding factor in Clinton not receiving the nomination, that Edwards didn’t come clean in time about his extramartial affair. Well shit, you got beat by someone who hid a lie, during a time he was trying to campaign. He did something that Clinton’s own husband did, lied about an extramartial affair.

How about the fact that Clinton didn’t convince enough voters that she was the right choice for the nomination.  I think that’s the issue. Clinton has been planning for this candidacy ever since she left the White House in 2000. Someone doesn’t just up and move to NY, to then try and become a senator for “shits n giggles”. Your home base is Arkansas, why didn’t you go back there, and be a senator for that state, if you the voters would pick you. Because you tried to make the best moves to get back into the White House, by gaining a broader fan base.

I knew this was Clinton’s strategy from day one, despite all the denials. Now, one of your aides wants to complain about hiding a secret, and your aide wants to use that as another excuse for you losing. Please, stop the insanity.