There’s Ice on Mars!!!

I have ice in my freeze. Wait a minute! What’s more useful, ice in my freezer or on Mars. Well I can’t get to Mars with the mileage I get out of my Ford Explorer, and the ice in my freezer I can use now, so I guess the Mars’ ice amounts to …. nothing.


Kidding! Before all you science geeks come after me with pitchforks and Bunsen burners, I was kidding. Joke. Anyways. The significance of the ice is tremendous. Where there’s water, there’s possibly life, or what may have been life at some point in Martian history. There’s a possibility that microbes can still exist on Mars now, and could be living.

Translation, we could find life on a world, other than our own, still alive! Maybe the organisms have been active all this time. We don’t know yet, and I’m sure it’ll be awhile before we do. This is definitely great news.

Read the full annoucenment from NASA here