How to get PuTTy with Tabs… WinTabber!

I use PuTTY, a free telnet/ssh terminal client, daily when I work on my Windows machine. My only complaint about this is that I have to look at multiple windows. When I program from home, I use my Linux box and use Gnome terminal, which has multiple tabs, so things are much easier to manage.

Fortunately, there are two options for Windows users to have the same effect.

Option 1: PuttyTabs
PuttyTabs does something close to what I get with Gnome Terminal. What it does is it creates a standalone application that is like a toolbar that floats on the screen. You can position it anywhere on the page. It’s similar to the toolbars of Windows. It’ll create a tab for each PuTTy window you have open. This was the first one I used. It works nicely but not exactly what I wanted. Fortunately I found something better.

Option 2: WinTabber
WinTabber is a program that is designed for almost any application and allows you to group them all into a tabbed window. The way it works is you log into all the boxes you using PuTTy, then you start up your WinTabber program and add all your PuTTY sessions to WinTabber, and that’s it. You can even reorder the tabs how ever you like.

I find it a to be a better option over PuttyTabs. WinTabber is simpple, integrates easily, and is clean.