New Ways to Look at Music

I’m always in the market to find new music. I’m not too crazy about today’s pop music, that blocks real music from getting on the airwaves, so anytime I can get my hands on something new to find new music, is always appreciated.

Musicovery: I got a link today from Maria about a website that visually displays artists by mood and by dance. You can refine the selection by genres, eras, and whether it was a hit or not. Overall, it’s a pretty interesting and nice way to look at music, with the potential to find new music. I’ll try it out for a bit and let you all know what I think shortly. In less than 10 minutes, found a new song that sounds cool. “Cars and Girls” by “Prefab Sprout”. The guy sounds a bit like Rob Thomas, and it has a catchy beat.

Pandora: This is another link I got from Maria some time ago. This one does it more based on similarity between artists and song. You can rate the music as it plays. It also allows you to skip songs. You don’t get the variety of immediate options of songs, but it’s pretty good so far. You can build a station based on an artist or a song. I’ve played with it a bit and like it. I definitely recommend this one. It also allows for a subscription model that will allow you to save and share your stations and unlimited skips.

If you hear of any other sites, drop me a line.