Why Flash is bad at times.

I’m on the canon website, checking out a single point of information. A friend of mine purchased the Canon EOS 10D (lucky bastard), and I wanted to know the time between the click of the photo button to take the picture, and the time of the photo capture. My experience with a non-SLR camera has been about 1-3 secs. That’s all I wanted to know. Well after going through the country selection, and some simple product selects, I see the product, and click on it… I’m taking to a flash site.

Ok I proceed. Now I’m downloading 100-250K flash files for each page of the experience. All I want is a bit of info that takes up less than 10 bytes. I click on the sitemap page, which is another flash movie, where I find the link for the specifications. I click and am taken to an HTML page.

People, please for goodness sakes, stop the flash madness. YOU’RE KILLING TREES, *same idea as the Anti-SUV campaign*. Too many developers create nonsense flash. Flash splash pages, that i have to wait to load to get to the real content. thanks to those who have added ‘Skip Intro’ on their flash splash pages. by the way, how many times must someone see it to say ‘ok enough already’ when I visit your site more than once. Your work is not something fantastic, so stop.