Steve Jobs is on iCrack

I’m reading through a NYTimes article about apple’s new annoucements of their product lines including their new G5 machines, due out this August.

A funny thing in the article, is Steve’s idea that “the new processor would allow personal computer users to have access to more than four gigabytes of memory, which is the limit for today’s 32-bit processors. That expansion, he said, will make the personal computer market grow again”. *stratching head* The last time I heard of the common computer users (the ones who use it for general purpose stuff, not the overclockers/nerds/geeks/programmers/etc) adding RAM to the full capacity of their machines is pretty much rare! Those who even knew the max their machine could take is rarer still. *sarcasm* Wow I could really use a dual processor machine with 4GB of Ram to… write an email… or browse the web… with umm…. the SAME FRIGGIN’ QUALITY AND SPEED I NORMALLY DO! Ok, many the apps will load just a little faster.

C’mon here. The only people who would benefit from the new machines are those doing high end stuff. And it’s still to be seen if it can even outpace an intel machine. I saw an interesting follow up to Apple’s published reports of it’s winning speeds. The reports go into details how apple gave their machines an advantage in the software configuration.

In the article is steve says ” In dual-processor applications the new Apple systems are more than twice as fast as a comparable system from Dell Computer.” What’s comparable, a P4, 2.5Ghz? Now *rolling up sleeves*, lets get a dual processor machine and see the results then.